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Thursday, September 26, 2013



                 This is the common interview question to all applicants. This question is purely about selling yourself in the interview. Think of yourself as the product. Whenever we do apply for a new job, that question will never be out of the line. Before we sincerely answer, we should know the background of the said company and we should also understand the job description of the position we are applying for so that we’ll be able to know if we can handle it. While answering this question, remember that the answer should not be self-centered or be completely unrealistic. You should focus on providing reasons to hire you over someone else in the best way you can and answer it directly.

                 First, tell exactly your achievements, for example, me as an experienced call center agent, I will answer this way, “You should hire me because I have the expertise in the area of customer support that is required in this position. I was a consistent top employee since I was hired in my previous company. I have what it takes to fill the requirements of this job and I can solve customer problems using my excellent customer service skills.”
Second, I will prove myself that I’m qualified and eager to be hired. I must tell the interviewer that “I am willing to enhance my skills, using my talent and ability. I want to prove to all that I am the right person for this job. I am confident that I would be a great addition to your company, I can perform well and you will never regret if you will hire me. I am flexible in the sense that I can easily cope up with the changes within my environment. I can deal with different people and do tasks beyond the limit of my expertise. This aspect would help me to become a more productive employee of your company. When it comes to work, punctuality is a must for me so you will never see me running late. I also really want to be a part of your company because it is known as one of the best in our country. “


====>My essay for my autoskill training. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"I Could have done BETTER."

"If I didn't say YES to their 'NOs'.."

I know I could have done better. 

Mom always say "No" to everything I wanted to do when I was still a kiddo. When I was in Kinder to Grade school, I wasn't allowed to join the Field trips, so I need to make my yearly 'excuses' to not to get embarrass to my friends.

In High School, I wanted to join the Citizen Army Training, but i was never allowed too. I was on my 2nd day of Volleyball training for varsity but mom scolded me and she wanted me to quit, so I did. :'( My self-esteem was really low and i grew up afraid of doing things on my own because people might judge me. When I reached College, I visited the Orange Dance Studio and checked the area and I was about to join and enroll myself, because I really wanted to learn how to dance well, but mom didn't allowed me again. I envy my sister who was able to join the dance contest during our high school days, she was a cadet officer and everyone in our school has a high respect for her, and oh! she's popular too..but I'm not after that. What I mean is that, She's known for her excellence in academics and extra co-curricular activities. I never was. 

She reached college and damn!!! She got in a well respected University and I didn't. She was a consistent Dean's Lister and I was failing my subjects. She was the Captain for Female Football Team for the whole college course and I was burying myself with the books I never wanted all my life because I let mom decide for my course.

After all, I realized how IMPORTANT to learn how to say NO. I know it's too late to experience all the things I wanted to do all my childhood days. Wish I could turn back time and indulge myself to all those activities I wanted to do.