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Friday, August 30, 2013

Bad day

It was my 2nd day for our Autoskill training, and guess what?! I'm LATE. That's one thing I hate the most. In my dictionary, that word never exist not until this morning. We were hurrying from Roosevelt avenue to the first LRT station but got surprised by the roller-coaster line before you can ride in it. We decided to ride a bus instead. I allotted 2 hrs before 10am so I won't be late to my 2hrs training and that's 10am-12nn. I found my self stucked around Ortigas and it's already 9:45am, Alam ko hindi na kami aabot pa. An Idea suddenly popped-up! We decided to go down to Ortigas and rode a cab to Makati but unfortunately, cabs are nowhere to be found or worst, may mga sakay pa sila. Agang ka-malasan ano po!?

We arrived at exactly 10:45am. Damn! 30 minutes is considered absent. So yeah! We got no control on that. Acceptance nalang pare! But thank God, He's really good. Hindi pa nagsisimula ang class and everyone's preparing for the activity on the computer. So yun, na set-up na ang lahat and all dun pa lang nag start. I went to my assigned seat and patiently took my activity. I got a score of 4, I don't know if it's enough..I mean if it's a failed or a passed activity. Hay Lord, nag dadasal naman po ako!? 

Whatever happens to this training, I lift it all up to you.
Kung go, edi go! If not, then I guess..It's not for me. :(

I had a bad day, not a bad life.