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Thursday, September 26, 2013



                 This is the common interview question to all applicants. This question is purely about selling yourself in the interview. Think of yourself as the product. Whenever we do apply for a new job, that question will never be out of the line. Before we sincerely answer, we should know the background of the said company and we should also understand the job description of the position we are applying for so that we’ll be able to know if we can handle it. While answering this question, remember that the answer should not be self-centered or be completely unrealistic. You should focus on providing reasons to hire you over someone else in the best way you can and answer it directly.

                 First, tell exactly your achievements, for example, me as an experienced call center agent, I will answer this way, “You should hire me because I have the expertise in the area of customer support that is required in this position. I was a consistent top employee since I was hired in my previous company. I have what it takes to fill the requirements of this job and I can solve customer problems using my excellent customer service skills.”
Second, I will prove myself that I’m qualified and eager to be hired. I must tell the interviewer that “I am willing to enhance my skills, using my talent and ability. I want to prove to all that I am the right person for this job. I am confident that I would be a great addition to your company, I can perform well and you will never regret if you will hire me. I am flexible in the sense that I can easily cope up with the changes within my environment. I can deal with different people and do tasks beyond the limit of my expertise. This aspect would help me to become a more productive employee of your company. When it comes to work, punctuality is a must for me so you will never see me running late. I also really want to be a part of your company because it is known as one of the best in our country. “


====>My essay for my autoskill training. :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"I Could have done BETTER."

"If I didn't say YES to their 'NOs'.."

I know I could have done better. 

Mom always say "No" to everything I wanted to do when I was still a kiddo. When I was in Kinder to Grade school, I wasn't allowed to join the Field trips, so I need to make my yearly 'excuses' to not to get embarrass to my friends.

In High School, I wanted to join the Citizen Army Training, but i was never allowed too. I was on my 2nd day of Volleyball training for varsity but mom scolded me and she wanted me to quit, so I did. :'( My self-esteem was really low and i grew up afraid of doing things on my own because people might judge me. When I reached College, I visited the Orange Dance Studio and checked the area and I was about to join and enroll myself, because I really wanted to learn how to dance well, but mom didn't allowed me again. I envy my sister who was able to join the dance contest during our high school days, she was a cadet officer and everyone in our school has a high respect for her, and oh! she's popular too..but I'm not after that. What I mean is that, She's known for her excellence in academics and extra co-curricular activities. I never was. 

She reached college and damn!!! She got in a well respected University and I didn't. She was a consistent Dean's Lister and I was failing my subjects. She was the Captain for Female Football Team for the whole college course and I was burying myself with the books I never wanted all my life because I let mom decide for my course.

After all, I realized how IMPORTANT to learn how to say NO. I know it's too late to experience all the things I wanted to do all my childhood days. Wish I could turn back time and indulge myself to all those activities I wanted to do.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Bad day

It was my 2nd day for our Autoskill training, and guess what?! I'm LATE. That's one thing I hate the most. In my dictionary, that word never exist not until this morning. We were hurrying from Roosevelt avenue to the first LRT station but got surprised by the roller-coaster line before you can ride in it. We decided to ride a bus instead. I allotted 2 hrs before 10am so I won't be late to my 2hrs training and that's 10am-12nn. I found my self stucked around Ortigas and it's already 9:45am, Alam ko hindi na kami aabot pa. An Idea suddenly popped-up! We decided to go down to Ortigas and rode a cab to Makati but unfortunately, cabs are nowhere to be found or worst, may mga sakay pa sila. Agang ka-malasan ano po!?

We arrived at exactly 10:45am. Damn! 30 minutes is considered absent. So yeah! We got no control on that. Acceptance nalang pare! But thank God, He's really good. Hindi pa nagsisimula ang class and everyone's preparing for the activity on the computer. So yun, na set-up na ang lahat and all dun pa lang nag start. I went to my assigned seat and patiently took my activity. I got a score of 4, I don't know if it's enough..I mean if it's a failed or a passed activity. Hay Lord, nag dadasal naman po ako!? 

Whatever happens to this training, I lift it all up to you.
Kung go, edi go! If not, then I guess..It's not for me. :(

I had a bad day, not a bad life.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank You Mighty Lord!

I could not ask for more..

Mag t-training na ako for Canada, I have so many choices but I choose to train for Canada. Just like a typical Filipina, Yes.. I am willing to give up everything for my Mom & dad. As much as I wanted to work here in the Philippines, but there's no future for me here, lalo na kung ang susuportahan ko ay ang nanay at tatay ko. Gamot pa lang nila, hindi na biro ang laki ng gastos.

Kaya habang may kaya pa kami, i'll take the risk. Walang mangyayari kung mag i-stay ako dito lalo na hindi naman nag pro-provide si ate samin. Kung di nya kaya mag sacrifice, i'll do it on my own.

But then, I realized how lucky I am dahil hindi naman lahat ng tao ay may kaya na maglabas ng pera kapalit ang maayos na trabaho sa ibang bansa. Ang gusto ko lang naman ay yung magkaroon kami ng sapat na pang tustos sa araw-araw, yung hindi ko kailangan maging isang kahid-isang tuka. Sana dumating yung araw na okay na okay na ang lahat. Yung wala na akong inaalala..

Yung at peace kami, yung wala akong pro-problemahin..

Dumating man ang panahon na humina ang mga tuhod nila at di na maka-lakad at least masasabi ko sa sarili ko na napasaya ko sila, nabigay ko yung gusto nila. Alam ko magiging mahirap, but kailangan ko ito kayanin. Maka-ipon lang ako ng sapat, masaya na ako at di na ako aalis ng pinas. I'd rather stay here dahil dito ako lumaki and all..


Thank you Lord for giving me so much in life..
my experiences taught me well and lessons made me realize how important life is.. :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weight Battle

I've been battling with my weight since I gained so much  from 110lbs to 136lbs..right after taking the boar exam, graba ang laki ng tinaba ko. Puro ako kain noon kasi feeling ko nawawala yung pinagaaralan ko kapag hindi ako kumakain.. 2x ako nag b-breakfast then snack then lunch then snack snack then dinner.. 2-3 rice ang nakakain ko bawat meal..

Then nag papayat ako noon..bumagsak ng 125lbs ang timbang ko..
then from 59kg to 56kg nalang ako ngayon..
Mejo bad ang ginagawa ko dahil 25hrs na ako hindi kumakain..

I'm not really starving myself...wala lang talaga akong gana for no reason..

Well..I'll just update what's gonna happen to me and my so very unhealthy diet!!! :))

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


For the last week,
I've been so depressed.

Di ko na alam gagawin ko, sa sobrang hirap mabuhay. Mahigit 30 companies na ang na-applayan ko and sad to say..I'm still jobless. It's a common situation of a Registered Nurse like me dito sa pinas, hindi na sya bago.

Mahirap man, pero kakayanin ko kasama sya na naghahanap kahit milya-milya ang layo namin sa isa't-isa..I thank the power of Skype. Kahit mahirap, kailangan namin kayanin.

Mabuti narin naman at hindi na kami nagkakagulong dalawa, at peace na kami kahit papano. Wala man kaming label sa isa't-isa.. Basta masaya sya at masaya ako..Okay na sakin yun..wag lang sya mawala..

Hopefully..Makahanap na kami ng trabaho pareho, mahirap pero pag okay na.. Maybe we can finally start our future plans.. :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Ang sama ng loob ko..
and I'm sorry for making you feel that way..

I'm sorry..
I promise to deactivate all my acct..
I'll never go back..

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.. I'M SORRY.

I can't say anything but SORRY. :'(

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's More than a Movie.

I just got home from Trinoma. Mom and I watched this movie called "4 Sisters & a Movie".

Akala ko it's just the same with all the movie that I have watched, but I was totally wrong.. This movie made me realize how important a family should be.

I realized so many things about family, life, career & love.
I was touched so deeply with the story of it's twist & turns of a normal Filipino family. I realized that I'm 30% Teddie & 70% Bobbie.

What I'm talking about is..yung dalawang character sa story. Apat sila mag kakapatid, may magkakaibang personality. Pero, sobrang touched na touched ako sa dalawang ito. Teddie's the eldest. Isa syang teacher sa Spain, but nung bumagsak ang economy doon, wala syang nagawa kung hindi ay mamasukan bilang waitress & kasambahay para magka pera. She did almost everything to keep it as a secret. In the end lumabas din ang katotohanan na yun. She was crying so hard and I felt the pain she's feelin' kagit di man totoo yun sa buhay ni Toni Gonzaga. Kasi sabi nya..

"Hindi ko matanggap sa sarili ko na ganito nalang ako."

Yung isa si Bobbie. Isang sophisticated na nag tra-trabaho sa NY. Mataas ang pangarap sa buhay. Ambisyosa..pero she was craving for mom & dad's attention since childhood..but she learned that kaya pala hindi sya ang madalas binibigyan ng attention ng magulang nya kasi alam nila na kaya nya mag-isa. Hindi sya mahina at kaya nya maging independent.

She may seem not to care but tumatak sakin ang linya nya..
"Kailangan ko maging malakas at matigas para sainyo dahil nakikita kong nahihirapan kayo, pero kahit matigas ako, nasasaktan din ako."
Not exactly the line but yan yung thought..

I almost cried while watching the whole scene. :'(

Growing up, I had a hard time understanding the whole situation with my parents. I kept on throwing questions why they don't give all the things that I want & need? but they'll do everything for my Eldest sister..In just a snap, she can have it all. In my case, I have to work hard for everything simple things that I need.

Now, I understand why

I'm 30% teddie. Hindi ko matanggap sa sarili ko na sa taas ng edukasyon meron ako at sa kakayahan ko, hanggang ngayon hindi parin ako napapakinabanggan..but I know someday makukuha ko din yung gusto ko.  Yung magpapasaya sakin. I'm a Nurse, but where I am? Hindi ko makita ang sarili ko as one. :'( It really breaks my heart. It was my mom's dream that I thought I made everything possible for her.. Kasi noon di sya nakapag nursing dahil mahirap lang sila. Minaliit sya ng mga kamag anak namin at sabi hindi nya daw kaya. Ginawa ko lahat para matupad ko ang pangarap ni mama.

I'm 70% Bobbie. I realized na napaka ambisyosa ko din pala. Yung totoo, gusto ko mag ibang bansa..alam ko mahirap lalo na at mag-isa ko yun gagawin. Nag paalam na ako kay mama na balak ko mag Canada..sabi ko.. "Walang mangyayari satin kung ayaw ni ate mag ibang bansa." Alam ko kaya sobrang tigas ko, alam kong kakayanin ko yun. Pero just like Bobbie, kahit matigas ako, nasasaktan din ako..bunso ako pero I need to do the duties & responsibilities of my sister. Sya kasi, masaya sa trabaho nya. Kuntento. Kaya hindi na sya nag hahanap pa ng iba kahit di ganun kalaki ang sahod..kahit di enough saming lahat ang kinikita nya..

I hope someday, things will fall into it's own happy ending.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bullet Jeepneys!

Late ako naka-tulog kabagi..
and my alarm was set to 6am!

Kamusta naman diba?
ayun lasing na lasing ako sa antok..
7am na ako bumangon then 8am umalis na
kami ni mama papuntang antipolo, pansin ko lang sa mga jeep from cubao to antipolo, grabe ang harurot! literal na lumilipad at para akong nag hilamos at naligo sa alikabok pag uwi. Agad-agad ako naligo pag uwi ko dahil sa damang-dama ko ang sobrang dumi sa aking sexy body! chos! :))  at sa sobrang antok at pagod sa byahe, naka tulog ako ng mga 5pm pag dilat ko ang dilim na..7:30pm na pala..

Wala akong gana kumain ngayon gabi kaya nag cereals nalang ako.. Pero parang nasusuka ako, umaakyat yung kinain ko.. Jusme!

Something's bothering me..
but I know, kung ano man yun,
malalagpasan din kita..

I will never give up that easy.

With Papa God, I know I'm not alone. :)

Hope someday, maging okay din ang lahat..

Kaya namin to. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy Heart.. ^_^

My heart's happy.
Yes, I am.

She makes me happy in so many ways..
though hindi pa kami..
but we act like we are..

Siguro M.U.. or dating??? may ganun! :))
She's important..

We talked the other night, about us.. Kasi naguguluhan ako, I don't know where I should stand, lalo na pag tinatanong kami ng mga kaibigan namin kung kami na..lagi ko nalang sinasabi na hindi pa kami. Kasi wala parin kaming confirmation..Sabi nya ayaw nya ma-pressure na baka di nya magampanan ang pagiging isang partner, minsan napa-paranoid ako sa kung ano tumatakbo sa isip nya..

Nahihirapan din naman sya, hindi lang ako. Ayaw nya ako mawala, ayoko din mawala sya, to where we are right now, masaya na ako sa ganito. I said if gusto nya mag focus sa work, dun umakyat sa climax ang emotion nya habang nag uusap kami sa skype..Umiyak sya, I just wanna hug her that moment and make her feel na hindi ako mawawala, hindi ako lalayo. Kung sa ganitong set-up sya masaya at comfortable, It's what I'm gonna give her. Hindi ko sya sasakalin, hindi ko ipipilit kung ayaw nya ng title for us.

I trust her, she gave me an assurance na akin sya at sakanya ako. Sana sya na.. Gusto ko sya ang makasama ko until we turn old & grey.. Ayoko mawala ang kung anong meron kami. Kung mawawala pa kami, ayoko na.

She's definitely the last.

And last night, she totally made me happy..sabi nya kung ayaw ko daw ba dun sa isang kaibigan namin, I said ayoko. Then mejo parang napaisip ako.."ano ba gusto mo maghanap pa ako???" but bigla nya sinabi, "Hindi kita binubugaw ha, I want them to make tulo laway! I will not give you!:))" meaning sakanya lang ako..gusto nya sakanya lang..

That moment, ang saya ko sobra kahit di ko sinasabi..sobrang saya ko promise. Then nakatulog na ako..di sya ganun ka-sweet but I really really like it pag sinasabi nya na mahal nya ako. Lalo na nung nagising ako in the middle of the night..sobrang lasing na lasing ako sa antok..bigla nya sinabi.."Off mo na light mo, matulog kana ulit..I love you" Holy crap!!! Alam mo yung feeling na gusto mong labanan yung antok mo tas marinig ulit yun. Ang dami nyang beses sinabi..pero sa utak ko naiisip ko..
"Totoo ba yun sinasabi nya?? Jusme Lord isa pa!!! :)"

Ay basta masaya! ^_^

Mali man kami sa mata ng marami, hindi rin naman namin pinipilit na gustuhin nyo ang relasyon na meron kami at ang mga katulad namin.

Basta masaya kami sa ganito. :)

And so much happy with her.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Blessed with Her. :)

Yes. I met her. I'm Happy. I'm contented.

Wala akong nakikitang mali sa kung ano man ang meron kami, basta ang alam ko masaya kaming dalawa sa tuwing magkasama. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko ito sisimulan pero basta, MASAYA kami. :) Kung si Charice nga ay umamin na kahapon na tomboy sya eh. Ano ba ang masama dun kung dun sya sasaya, pabayaan nalang natin sya. I'm not promoting homosexuality, but what I'm trying to say is, people should treat us equally..

Habang nanonood kami kahapon ng 'The Buzz' ni mama..
Kahit noon pa, alam ko tanggap at tatanggapin nya ang tulad ko.
My heart was so happy when mom suddenly says...

"Kasalanan ba naman nya na tomboy sya eh ang bakla nga ganun din.."- mami bear 

Grabe lang! Yung kilig ko na parang bulate at ingiti ko na abot langit! :)
Hindi man nya sinasabi sakin ng direkta, pero alam ko may respeto ang
Nanay ko sa mga tulad ko.. 

And with this girl I'm with..MASAYANG-MASAYA AKO. :)

Hindi ko man alam kung san kami mahuhulog, pero masaya ako.

May mga oras nga lang na natatakot ako mawala sya kasi 'hindi kami'.

Wala kaming confirmation, na kami na talaga kahit parang mag-asawa na kami kapag magkasama..
Siguro, mas masaya kung or mas magiging kampante ako kung may confirmation na kaming dalawa, siguro hindi pa ngayon..gaya nga ng sabi nya, "In God's time."

Femme ako, Soft butch sya. Pero ang dami na nag sasabi na magkamuka kami, at worst may nagtanung samin kung kambal ba kami!!! walangya yan oh! hampasin ko si Kuya eee. :)))

Alam ko mahal nya ako, mahal na mahal. Ramdam ko. :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moved On.

Happier! :)
Not all things are meant for us.

Yes, I am..Moved on.
..and finally I'm back.

Hindi na kami nagkabalikan, tinanggap ko na ako nalang pala ang may
gusto noon at hindi ako handang magpaka-tanga ng dahil lang sakanya.

Nag pahinga din ako sa blog world for almost 4 months para maiwasan ko ang
pag po-post ng puro bitterness..hahahah

Pansin ko lang, nakakatawa ang last post ko. Natatawa ako sa sarili ko, but now 'okay' na po ako.

I'm happier. :)

I'm about to share who's behind this blog.. Agree ba kayo na makita na talaga buong beyutipul pes ko?!
wahahahaha.. Teka teka..pag iisipan natin yan. :D Ang mahalaga, I'm back. :) namiss ko kayo! mwuah!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The chapter's over but the story goes on.. :'(

  It's been a while since I blogged. It;s been a while since I blurted my emotions in this blog.
It's been 3 months since I lost her. It's more fault I know. I let her go.

Tumakas nanaman mga bagay bagay na di ko kayang harapin..or kaya ko naman talaga sya harapin, natakot lang ako..pinangunahan lang ako ng takot ko.. Kelan ba ako matututo??? Kelan ba ako hindi matatakot sa buhay ko? Kelan ko ba haharapin ang mga bagay na dapat ko harapin??
We both made a mistake..but it takes two to tango.. :'( Ang hirap mag isa..ang hirap ng ganito. Hindi ko alam kung kakayananin ko pa..

I still wana grow old with her..I wanna die lying in her arms..
Lord, ano ba? ano ba dapat ko gawin?? ano ba?? I've been asking this all this time.

Lumipas ang firsts..
First Christmas..
First New Year..

at mamaya..3hrs from now..

It's her 24th birthday..and the first time that we're not together.. kinaya na..

kinaya nya na wala ako sa tabi nya..
kinaya nya mawala ang pangarap naming dalawa..
kinaya nya na mawala lahat...

Pero hindi kokaya..

I tried partying all out loud just to be happy again

Bakit kelangan mangyari??! 

Hindi ko na alam dapat kong gawin..hindi ko lang maramdaman tong nararamdaman ko ngayon..

Ang sakit sakit na..

Gusto ko parin sya..sya..sya.. WALA NG IBA.. :'(

everytime..I'm thinking how we came up all this way? :'(

Lord..kaya ko pa ba? :'(

Ngayon..almost 3 Months na ako wala sa trabaho, nag resign ako kasi hindi ko na kinaya..
she's all my reason why stayed for 9 months in that damn company..kasi gusto ko sya makasama..
makita maging masaya kasama sya.. Pero ngayon, wala na.wala na kahit ano..

Nababaliw na ata kakaisip..

Ngayon lutang na lutang ako..hindi ko alam san mag sisimula..
ang buhay ko na wala sya? na wala kami? :'(

Hindi na ako na eexcite sa buhay ko.
Hindi na ako natutuwang mag trabaho.
Hindi na ako masaya sa buhay ko...

Sya kaya??? Masaya na ulit?? Nung bagong taon..binati ko mama nya ng happy new year..
as usual..naiyak ako..Miss na daw nila sya kaya? namimis ako??

I got nothing to blame..'cause i let it happened. I let this happen...

I honestly tried meeting new people..i opened my arms wide open para sakanilang lahat..
but my heart is still waiting for that one person who once made my world go around..